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What We Sell

The collars, leashes and harnesses are made with colorful high fashion cotton fabrics, sewn over a strong nylon webbing material. The hardware includes double-locking side-release acetal buckles, wide mouth polypropylene adjustment loops, heavyweight forged D-rings and heavyweight snap bolts.

Additionally, we specialize in providing our dog friends with fashionable bandannas, bows, bowties, flowers, and neckties as collar embellishments. They are a great accessory for making the perfect outfit for styling together during your outings.

All the products are washable-however we recommend hanging up the wet items to dry, instead of allowing things to bang around inside your dryer.

A Hot Dog on a LEASH enjoys paying forward our success and growth by involving stay-at-home moms and grandmothers to help with our production needs and demands. This allows us not only to deliver outstanding quality in our products but also make sure they are MADE HERE in the USA in Snellville, Georgia.

Organizations We Support

TLC Humane Society
Atlanta Boxer Rescue
Labrador Friends Of The South
Labrador Friends Of The South